Wade Nodine Stuns Judges in Local Chess Event

Wade Nodine

Wade Nodine shocked the judges of his local chess tournament Wednesday, as he decimated his opponent, Salvatore Raitano, in the annual “Chess-off” event at Harrington High School.

“It was bananas,” said Nodine, when asked about his record setting day. “I was focused, but I had no idea I was going to set a new record.”

The record broken by Wade Nodine on Wednesday was originally set by World Chess star Thomas Totten back in 1924. Thomas beat his opponents on 3 different chess boards in 14 minutes, 12 seconds. Wade Nodine was able to beat his opponents in 12 minutes, 45 seconds.

“It’s unprecedented,” said one judge who has witnessed dozens of chess events.

Wade Nodine began playing chess with his uncle at a young age. By age 11 he was beating most adults in minutes with ease. At age 16, he was invited to a world-class chess event in India in which he placed 12th. Now, at age 20, he believes he is ready to take the chess world by storm.

Wade is now looking forward to August, where he will travel to New York City to play in another world-class tournament with over 1200 participants from around the globe. His goal is to place in the top 10.

Source: Wade Nodine


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