Remove Complaints with Launches New Website

Remove complaints and angry consumer feedback with the help of's new Online Reputation Service offerings.

​​Erase Complaints, a company that works on helping people improve their online reputation, has recently launched a new website, The company sets itself apart by offering a guaranteed service, namely that if they do not deliver on their promised results, the customer does not have to pay. Wherever possible, they work on completely removing complaints, but where this isn't possible, they will de-index them. Should that not be successful either, they will engage reverse SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, so that the complaints are pushed back down the search results. Put together, they aim to create a positive reputation for all their clients.

"With over five years experience, we have served hundreds of happy clients, ensuring complaints about them have been removed, and that their overall reputation has been improved. We are open and upfront about everything that we do, and how much we will charge you. This is why we will honestly tell you how we can address the complaints against you and how long it will take to complete this. And our Service Guarantee means that you only pay us when we have completed our work."

Combating negative consumer reviews is what we specialize in. With expanding Freedom of Speech Laws, we predict a significant increase in consumer complaints through 2020. We understand the financial impact negative content online can have on your business and our solutions are designed to work as quickly as possible.

Adam Petrilli, Founder

The new website clearly highlights the various services that the company offers, as well as how they use those strategies to improve their clients' reputation. Furthermore, it highlights details about the experience of the company. The site also includes reviews and testimonials from past customers who have seen significant improvements on their online reputation.

Deleting Complaints

It is said that it is impossible to delete something from the internet, and that, once something is online, it is there forever.

"The problem is that once that information leaves your computer and hits the Internet, there are potentially thousands of hands, both human and electronic, that can grab a copy of it. Trying to control that is a fool's errand."

While that is certainly true, it refers mostly to things people post about themselves. Erase Complaints works differently, as they have items deleted that other people have posted about third parties. Where this information is slanderous or libelous, it can be removed. While this may require legal action, Erase Complaints is willing to engage in that.

De-Indexing Complaints

Sometimes, it is not possible to have information removed completely, for a variety of reasons. In that case, de-indexing is another solution.

"De-indexing is when for whatever reason, a website, web-page, or some sort of content is then taken out of that index and therefore does not show up in the search engines search results for any search phrases."

What this means is that technically the complaint is still available online, and can still be accessed by people, but only if they know exactly where the information is stored. If they type in keywords into a search engine that would usually lead to that particular complaint being found, it would not show up in the search results. 

Pushing Back Complaints

De-indexing is done via request, which means that Erase Complaints will write to the search engines to ask them to no longer show a particular complaint in their search results. Usually, this is accepted so long as it is properly motivated. On the other hand, if that doesn't work, then pushing back complaints, which is also known as reverse SEO, is the final option.

"Reverse SEO is the practice of taking actions for decreasing the rank of a page or website in Google and other search engine pages."

This is a very popular technique when it comes to helping to increase someone's reputation. Through reverse SEO, the complaint will be pushed back to the second, or even further, page of Google. Around 90% of people never look past the first page, which means the complaint has effectively disappeared.

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