People, Technology and Processes CEO, Victor Buonamia, Discusses Federal Agency Partner Program

Under CEO Victor Buonamia, People, Technology, and Processes have recently been awarded a 10-year acquisition contract by the National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center.

​Part of the Chief Information Officer Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3) business program, the contract allows U.S. government agencies to solicit IT products, services, and solutions from People, Technology, and Processes.

"We're proud to have been selected to participate in this $20 billion program with other businesses throughout the United States," says CEO Victor Buonamia. "This contract allows any U.S. government agency to solicit work from People, Technology, and Processes, to support federal chief information officers worldwide, and we stand ready to respond."

"We're proud to have been selected to participate in this $20 billion program with other businesses throughout the United States,"

Victor Buonamia, CEO

The program allows for preferential product pricing which is lower than on the open market, with services offered at competitive, pre-established prices, which can also be negotiated down. Furthermore, customers can select awardees based on their best value criteria with customized terms and conditions relevant to tasks or delivery orders.

CIO-SP3 provides access to cutting-edge technology, a large and diverse pool of business innovators, streamlined acquisition, and fast provisioning.

Of the contract, People, Technology, and Processes CFO Nicole Buonamia further explains, "The contract is designed to provide the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, and all other federal agencies with a streamlined ordering process to acquire a wide range of IT services and solutions." This effort expands the diverse professional IT services PTP currently provides to the Department of Defense at bases from Hawaii to Virginia.

The chief financial officer goes on, "These IT services include, but are not limited to, health science, biomedical-related, and general IT services to meet scientific, health, administrative, operational, managerial, and information management requirements."

People, Technology, and Processes have undergone a rigorous source selection process before being awarded the contract.

The business is a provider of information technology services, software solutions, and professional development training. Its competencies evolved from leveraging IT enablers for knowledge management with an emphasis on web-based knowledge portals and portal services, server and system services, system administration, and SQL server services. Extended capabilities also include software development, technical training support, and field support services.

"Our mission," CEO Victor Buonamia explains, "is to combine technical expertise, innovative approaches, and operational experience to solve our customers' most complex challenges."

The company's guiding principles are fourfold. Firstly, to satisfy the customer, and secondly, to set an example. The third is always to be responsive. "Timing is everything," the CEO remarks. "Fourth is to persevere – to find a way."

"We're a corporate family driven to lead globally with an innovative vision, flawless execution, continuous adaptability and a profound appreciation for the missions we serve," adds CFO Nicole Buonamia.

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