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As part of its ever-growing roster of online reputation management services, has once again added to its lineup.

​​​​After years of success in the online reputation management field, the company has recently introduced the option of online background check removal. "It has now become common practice to look people up online," explains CEO Adam Petrilli. "From employers to landlords and lenders, and even on the dating scene, businesses and individuals are looking you up, trying to uncover things from your past, whether positive or otherwise."

Initially offered as a standalone solution, the service was priced at $500. From this month, however, the company is including complimentary background check removals for all clients where required or requested. The service sees the prompt and permanent removal of often highly personal or sensitive information from over 300 websites across the U.S. and worldwide. These websites make such information available to prospective employers, for example, or anyone else looking to delve into an individual's personal life or past for whatever reason they see fit, whether wholly legitimate or for rather more nefarious purposes.

"Effective immediately, all clients going forward will receive a complimentary background check review alongside any other solutions requested,"

Adam Petrilli, CEO

"For the most part, there's no need to have your personal information plastered across the internet," adds Petrilli. "We believe that it's better for each of our clients to know exactly what's published about them online, with the option to remove it, rather than finding out from someone else upon walking into an interview or turning up on a blind date."

The majority of online background checking websites scrape the web for public records and package them up on an individual basis. While this information is largely and freely available on a piece by piece basis elsewhere online, such websites are able to offer it all in one hit, and—what's more—at a cost. "Not only are these companies giving out your personal information, but they're also actually charging people for some of it," notes CEO Petrilli. "They're ultimately profiting from details of your life, your family, your profession, your past, and more."

Perhaps worse still, online background checking websites will routinely highlight any and all negatives first, such as arrest records or mugshot images. "These will always show up first in an online background check, ahead of any positive or otherwise mundane information," Petrilli points out.

With the option to remove any unwanted background information, can clear a myriad of details from an individual's name, including their address, phone numbers, and details of relatives, all the way down to past criminal records and dated or undesirable social media posts and content.

"Effective immediately, all clients going forward will receive a complimentary background check review alongside any other solutions requested," adds Petrilli. "There's really no need for the abundance of personal information which exists online, often without an individual's consent. Thankfully, we're here to address that."

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