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​Net Reputation, a business based in Sarasota, Florida, is proud to announce that they are celebrating their third year of being in business. Over the past three years, they have serviced thousands of customers, helping them manage their online reputation. This includes in-depth services, such as search engine suppression, search results removal, and continuous reputation monitoring. Essentially, their goal is to fix negative Google search results, which is something they have been hugely successful in.

One of the key services that the company offers is the removal of negative search results. While it is often said that, once something is online, it can never truly be removed, there have been many cases in which Net Reputation had been able to do exactly that. In fact, there have even been situations in which they have been able to guarantee that. One of the things that sets the company apart, and that has made them so popular over the past three years, is that they are always open and honest. If people contact them to have specific pieces of online information removed, they will tell them honestly whether that is possible or not. Best of all, should it not be possible to remove the search results, it is likely that alternative solutions exist, which Net Reputation can also offer. It should also be noted that consultation with the company is 100% free and no obligation.

We live in a world which now defines us and our business by what is found online. A positive Web Presence is essential to the success of any business.

Adam Petrilli, Founder & CEO

Whether or not something can be removed from the search engines will depend on a range of factors. There are also numerous techniques to be used, which vary depending on the website the items have been posted on. When a client contacts Net Reputation, the company will always start by looking at whether complete removal is possible at all. If it is, they will guarantee it and if it isn't, they will be open and honest about that. Additionally, they will provide a full explanation as to why removing it is not possible.

After consultation, Net Reputation will also provide full details about their pricing. Removal packages start at $500, but it can become more expensive if the case is more complex. For instance, negative information may only need to be removed from the search engines, only from the source, or from both. Again, the company will provide full details about that for free and no obligation.

A second service they offer is pushing down search results, which is something they have perfected over the past three years. This is known as "reverse SEO" (search engine optimization), which means that negative results are pushed back to the second page of Google results and even beyond, while at the same time bringing positive results to the foreground. This "suppression" of negative search results is achieved through content-based reputation management

Net Reputation usually gets to work on creating highly positive and informative blogs and articles, while at the same time focusing on a social media presence. Everything they do is customized for each particular client because the company does not believe in one-size-fits-solutions. Instead, they offer a sophisticated, custom package based on brand and industry research. The company has an excellent content marketing system in place, which they utilize together with technical PR and SEO services. In so doing, they can help to build their clients' reputation, while defending it at the same time.

Lastly, Net Reputation offers online reputation protection services. Through this particular type of work, they strengthen any of the positive results on the search engines, stopping negative ones from getting to the top. They use content marketing best practices in order to achieve this. By protecting their clients' reputation, they are actually setting themselves apart as industry experts. These services are suitable for those who already have a strong online presence, but want to make sure that they do not face attacks from different and unexpected corners. Some of the clients that Net Reputation has served with this type of service include Fortune 500 companies and pre-election politicians. These are people or entities that already have a strong online presence and want to make sure that this presence remains positive.

Over the past three years, has endeavored to always use the latest techniques and methods to help their clients achieve a solid, positive online reputation. They are innovative and think outside of the box, always looking for better ways to serve the needs of their customers. Meanwhile, they are in the process of developing online reputation monitoring services as well.

Overall, Net Reputation has enabled their clients to suppress negative Google results and to impress everyone.

Media Manager:
​Chris Hinman

Source: Net Reputation


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