Anilkumar Pluthar Set to Perform at Sword Fighting Event

Anilkumar Pluthar

​Anilkumar Pluthar has trained in the ancient art of sword fighting since he was a child. Over the past few years, a new form of sword fighting - Sports Swords - has been developed, and Anilkumar has been at the heart of this development. The new sport is taking the world by storm, and an international championship event will be held in Las Vegas, N,V towards the end of this month. Anilkumar Pluthar will be taking part in the championships.

He says: "Sports Swords is a completely new form of martial art, and I personally love it. Essentially, all the participants train using full speed and full power, but we use special swords, which are made by just one American company at present, which keep us safe. This is what makes the sport so unique, because we can really feel as if we are truly sword fighting, but without the associated injuries."

"Children could literally spar with world's best Sports Swords fighters, and be fine even if they do get hit. The guiding principle of the sport itself is safety."

Anilkumar Pluthar

The swords have been designed to ensure that the impact of the sword's blow is spread down the sword itself. This means that the person who is struck does not feel that he or she has been hit. The swords were originally designed to make sparring more realistic, but have now evolved into a sport of its own. During training, Anilkumar Pluthar and other athletes now use full force, and this has made the entire sport more motivational and a lot more competitive.

During the world championships later this month, various Sports Swords participants from all over the world will compete for the top position. Pluthar, from a small town, in Brevard County, Florida, is used to such competitions. At the same time, various displays of sword fighting will be held for the entertainment of the crowd, and to get others involved in the sport. Pluthar adds: "Sword fighting is a dying art. We no longer use swords in the battlefield - thankfully - but with that, an important skill is also being lost. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to once again raise the profile of this sport and will be taking part in a number of the demonstrations."

The new swords, as stated, are designed to take the blow away from the point of impact. Of course, the person receiving the blow will still feel something, although that is no more than a dull thwack, even if full force was used. This is what has popularized the sport so quickly. While a lot of people remain interested in sword fighting, the fact that they essentially need to use two skills - sparring with real people and actual fighting without. This means that many end up giving up completely, or turn to fencing instead.

"When you spar with actual weapons, unless you are with someone who is at the exact same skill level as you, someone is always going to end up bruised," adds Anilkumar. "Most people who still spar with actual swords will tell you that they have seen beginners drop out again and again because their confidence is knocked out after getting hurt somewhat. Or they don't bother sparring with actual weapons, which means they never really learn the skill."

Sports Swords has been hailed for its comfort and safety. It has enabled people of any skill level to become involved in it, and to get competitive as well. The sport has been developed by a number of black belt masters from all over the world, who wanted to create something unique and new, that enabled children to be taught weapons training in a safe manner. Through weapons training, children use both precision and speed, and because it is high energy, it also tires them out.

Pluthar  ends: "Children could literally spar with world's best Sports Swords fighters, and be fine even if they do get hit. The guiding principle of the sport itself is safety."

Those participating in the sports wear special safety gear to protect them from the impact of the sword, which is comfortable and light weight. The swords, meanwhile, have been fitted with a coil on the inside, and this absorbs the impact when someone is hit. One of the key elements that will be discussed during the demonstrations at the event is that safety always comes first, and that this guiding principle has enabled the sport to develop quickly. Considering it has existed for less than 10 years, it is now played the world over.

After the event, Anilkumar Pluthar  is considering training as a Sports Swords instructor, in his hometown of Brevard County, Florida. His passion about the sport, his enthusiasm, and his skill have been noted by many, and he is expected to do very well at the upcoming championship.

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