7 Miles Spirits Sparkles With Success!

​When you think of Russia and alcohol, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not Champagne and sparkling wines. That is, unless you are a Ukrainian born, “spirited” entrepreneur like Oleg Lazanovitch of 7 Miles Spirits. Oleg had huge success with bringing Ruskova Real Russian Vodka to the States in 2005. By forming strategic alliances with some of the world’s best, but little known distilleries, he has expanded his brand’s portfolio to include premium brandies and cognacs, and an ultra-premium Tequila that will rival the likes of Remy Martin and Patron.

Now, he is about to really upset France’s Champagne makers -- watch out Veuve Clicquot, Lazanovitch has partnered with Abrau Durso, the finest producer of sparkling wines in the Russian Federation.

The winery is located on the shores of Lake Abrau, on Russia’s Black Sea coast, in the Krasnodar Krai region. It dates back to 1870, when it was founded to provide wine for the Tsar. In 1896, Prince Lev Golitsyn—an important figure in Russian wine—brought in a team of French specialists to help make sparkling wine, and by the turn of the 20th century the newly dug underground tunnels were full of the Russian version of Champagne. The French assistance continued until the revolution in 1917, but the Russians they had trained carried on the tradition and techniques of making sparkling wines that could rival any from France’s Champagne region.

From Russia with Love

Lazanovitch has been on a quest to expand the portfolio of North Miami based 7 Miles Spirits. He has been traveling the world, leveraging his knowledge of wines and spirits that are produced in Russia, Asia and Europe that most American consumers are not familiar with. Abrau Durso is Russia’s most famous sparkling wine producer. They run a robust “winery tourist” business, and those who have been lucky enough to visit the vineyard have remarked that it was as if “a grand Champagne house of France was picked up and transplanted to Russia.”

Of course, being from the area, and in the liquor business, Lazanovitch was very familiar with Abrau Durso. He says that to give American wine drinkers some perspective of just how big they are, they should think of them as the “Gallo Wines of Russia.” But that is only in terms of their size. When it comes to quality, they are among some of the finest vintners in the world, and can easily go up against the best of France, Italy, or California.

The initial contract between 7 Miles Spirits and Abrau Durso is bringing their Brut sparkling wine, a semi-sweet white and a semi sweet red to 4 Major US states, New York, Florida, Texas and Missouri.

Available in only these areas, and for only a little over a year, sales of all three of the products, and in particular the semi-sweet red, have been brisk, with over 3000 cases sold and climbing.

Lazanovitch hopes to expand into more states just in time for people all over America to enjoy these varietals and pop a cork on this fine sparkling wine for the Holidays!

Source: 7 Miles Spirits


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